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Other Degree Programs

The College of Population Health, in collaboration with other UNM colleges, schools and departments, offer dual degrees in the following:

The student must meet all requirements for both master’s degrees; a maximum of 6 hours from each field may be shared between the two programs.

Students in a doctoral program may pursue a public health degree under the following conditions:

  • Students must have written permission from their doctoral program.
  • Students must complete a Self-Managed Application and be formally admitted to the public health program.
  • Students must adhere to the 7-year rule for completion of all requirements for the master’s degree.
  • Students must adhere to the 5-year rule for completion of the doctorate.
  • If the time needed for completion of the master’s degree will extend beyond the completion of the doctoral degree, the student must have a Program of Studies for the master’s degree approved by the dean of Graduate Studies before the doctoral degree is awarded.

Individual Dual Degrees

Students in any department can organize individual dual degrees with approval from appropriate departments. Students in dual-degree programs must complete both degrees in the same semester. Students must prepare written rationale for the dual degree and include a chart outlining the requirements for both degrees and shared credits. This must be approved by all of the following:

  • The Director of Graduate Education within the College of Population Heath
  • The Director or Chair of the other department
  • The student advisors from both the college and the department