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Dean's Message

Dean Helitzer
Deborah Helitzer

As the dean of UNM’s newest college, I welcome students to join our endeavor in shaping the future of wellness and health.

As the second College of Population Health in the nation, we have a unique opportunity to be a model institution for our state, the region, the nation and globally. That means students in our college will be trailblazers in a field that will continue to grow within the ever-changing landscape of health care. The college offers bachelors, masters and doctoral programs led by faculty who are renowned for their innovative research.

College of Population Health students will be guided by professors on in-the-field learning; navigating the complicated web of health systems; examining social determinants; identifying community support systems; and analyzing health policy.

Graduates from this program will help to meet the demand of the health care industry – from working on grass roots projects in small communities, to helping design technology that reaches into everyday life. Our students will become leaders in helping New Mexicans achieve and maintain wellness. Students’ studies will encompass many areas including increasing the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of health care for chronic disease management and complex care; and using technology in novel ways to address health needs and improve health outcomes.

We are on the brink of a new and very exciting approach to the future of health in New Mexico and America. I invite you to join us in building the College of Population Health, to become our future leaders, our innovators and our partners – together we can set a new precedent in wellness and improve the health of millions.